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WHAR'S MY Jewell PLS HELP !!!!!


Not up to the Jewell

i'v been pLAYING for four DAYS SINCE I'V bought coins befour the new Version of the game

i  uploud a pic , so please be helpful with me

Shipped from cache u $ 70 and comes to me Jewell?
This number of consignment
DivoSaga Cancer Jewel Topup
Transaction No: 12707816
Transaction No: 12746929
server cancer
I did not reach any Jewell !
help plz


When I charged my Cash U card with money (two times with 35$ which sum up to 70$), I tried to but an item from the game. The money has been withdrawn from my card but I could not buy the item! I hope you can look into this problem with the transaction.




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pls help me out ?????


Dude your problem solved yet or still no reply from Admins/GM?


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