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After buying 300 cubic nothing get in the trade list

Post Last Edit by Geminislayer at 28-7-2014 01:58

Hey CM , can you please explain to me what happen.

When I,Slayer ( character name) buy a 300 cubic at AH from Veruta ( character name), the gold is deducted but nothing get in the trade list and cost me 63000.

How come such thing can happen, please explain.

And how can i claim back this, please solve my issue. And fix it ASAP.
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this also happen to me. bought from Veruta also for 63k gold


Same thing happened to me a few days back... i hope i will be able to get back what i have bought, i also posted it on bug section.


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    I been report to helpdesk at about this issue, right now just need to wait for their update to me as well. But need to wait lol.


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