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Knight's Fable Announces a New Lucky Strike Event

GTArcade has started another lucky strike event for its recently released MMORPG, Knight’s Fable! The lucky strike event comprises of a giant wheel that can be spun to win amazing rewards! One such rewards is the powerful beast, Jester Cat. Beasts in Knight’s Fable server as companions to the player’s main character and other heroes, possessing powerful spells and bonus auras that increase the strength of battle parties. Keep reading for more details!

28-7-2014 10:32

Players use vouchers to spin the wheel in the lucky strike event to win great prizes. Players are free to earn or purchase more vouchers, and a bonus wheel is even available for VIP players! There are many smaller rewards up for grabs as well as the grand prize, the Jester Cat! Smaller prizes include star stone bags, gem packs (for socketing into weapons), stardust, and silver.

The Jester Cat may look cute and playful, but under his soft exterior is a truly powerful force! He is wily cat demon adept at dark magic and is said to accurately predict the life and death of other beings. His signature skill “Doom” deals massive amounts of damage while also stunning unsuspecting enemies!

28-7-2014 10:32

If you are interested in joining the Open Beta for Knight’s Fable then go ahead and sign up with GTArcade at

About GTArcade:
GTArcade is a leading developer of online games. With its guiding principle “sharing simple joy”, GTArcade has developed award winning products for browser and mobile platforms around the world, and is now focusing on English language markets with its latest browser game, Knight’s Fable.
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