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Soulbound items

Well, i just got a heroic weapon that wasn't even for my class and it was soulbound. Anyone face such problem before?  Shouldn't it be a rare item that i could sell at a higher price than to sell it to npc?
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I also obtain this kind of weapon before, if not mistaken this is level 14 weapon. If this really level 14 weapon i hope you don't take so serious cause you would not need that and you will proceed very fast to level 24.

At level 24 you will be able using more better weapon of choice.

Or if you are obtaining this weapon from shining spring mission, just dissamble it.


its a lvl 17 wep and if it's for my class as least im still able to use it and sell it to npc or dissemble it after. The thing is the wep is NOT for my class and i feel kinda lame that it is soulbound to the wrong class.


Sorry is my mistake.

Yes is kinda sad and disappointed for getting in these kind of situation.Hope that you look forward to it for higher level and more challenge quest and mission.

Tomorrow is the new patch release, have fun and enjoy lol.


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