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RoGer Real Player here

I am REal Player of RoGer here,
Someone is using my name in games  ( Aicross ) for bad atitude
I Play only 3 Character  RoBusT (Berserker )  = RoGer ( Gunslinger )= RObesS ( Spellswrd ).
I have nathing to say,
Just to let that Aicross is not me.
Favor Share

Only Noob will leech,
Hunt token easy, At DGP  5min each round with bring 2 petty 1 mortar.
better way is 2 player ( team)  5 petty 1 mortar .
Hunt Petty Recruiting Letter more easy below 3 min each round, with mortar.


Wow... that was too bad, totally dislike those players who was bad attitude.


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27-8-2014 14:20

It is screenshot in last week. I keep this all the time when necessary.

And, I think the leecher was other guy.


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